About the CHS Racers

Who are the CHS Racers?
First off, we are the reigning 2013 DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix Champions!
We are one of the newest and innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) student organizations at Clarksburg High School.  The team was founded spring of 2013, which was when we began cutting, drilling, and building our first EV Race Car.
The organization is designed to give students, educators, and parents an opportunity to gain first hand experience and knowledge through the application of STEM skills using a unique and exciting hands on project. The team uses the lens of Automotive Racing and Green Technologies to give students a unique opportunity to fine tune what they learn in the classroom.  As a team we are offical participanst in the Electrathon America race series and the DC EV Grand Prix.  More information about the Electrathon or the DC EV Grand Prix is below or click on the links listed under Other Links to the right of our page.

About the DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix:
The DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix is a new and unique opportunity for students in the DC Metro area to be able to apply real world technology and engineering skills. The DC EV Grand Prix is being sponsored through a partnership with the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, the EPA,   and the Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle Initiative. The competition is hosted through the Electrathon race organization which dictates all the rules and regulations for our vehicles. The competition is designed for students to be able to build, test, and race their very own all Electric Race Vehicle.
About the Electrathon America Race Series:
The Electrathon is a type of Electric Marathon in which the winner is determined by endurance; how far you go in a certain time with a given amount of battery power. Electrathon America class competition uses specific design rules to ensure safe and fair competition. Electrathon America events are held around the country and are an exciting new environmentally progressive sport.